How To Get Started With STOREGUNJ

How To Get Started With STOREGUNJ

Storegunj is the online store. From where the you can buy different products available in the online store. To Buy Goods & Products

1. Sign up to the Store:-

Click the Login/Register Button at the top of the site(if you are using the computer)

 If you are Using from the mobile then click on the below given Button

and Search for Login/Register option. Once the Login/Register Button loads submit your email address. After submitting the email you are logged in and the password will be send on your email address keep the password. After you Logged out From it the exact same email and the password send on your email address will be used for logging in after the next time.

Then after you can select your products (Add to cart ) that you want to be delivered and it will be delivered after sometime.

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